Lean not on your own understanding

By Transit Woman. I watched my cousin struggle with her sister, she wailed, she stretched and she threw her legs apart. “Somma, what is wrong with you?” I asked. ” I want to walk, I don’t want her to carry me” she responded amidst sobs. I laughed, and wondered if she knew the distance weContinue reading “Lean not on your own understanding”


I was lonely at home, having stayed indoors for such a long time, I decided to visit a friend. We were so happy to see each other after a long time. We had lots of Chitchat trying to catch up on the past events. As typical of my dear friend, she began to narrate allContinue reading “THE NINE THAT NEVER RETURNED.”


Unprotected sexImage result for unprotected sexUnprotected sex has never been encouraged, especially when on your period as blood is a good medium for viruses and this causes higher transmission of STD’s.The cervix is slightly dilated during one’s period, which makes it easier to get infected.Also menstruating doesn’t prevent pregnancy from taking place, yes for womenContinue reading “10 HABITS TO AVOID WHEN MENSTRUATING.”

I am a woman, so what ?

So I read an article today tagged “I am a bitter female” as I carefully read through, I saw reasons those females should be angry and bitter. The marginalization, the hate, the antagonism and other unspeakable ills meted out on another human just because she is a woman. As I read, I saw links toContinue reading “I am a woman, so what ?”

Maximize this Lockdown: 5 ways to begin.

When you are not properly informed, you may become deformed. Covid-19 pandemic, took over the affairs of men and drove them inside the house. Before the prevalence of Covid-19, some persons were confused about the next line of business, action, source of income, political adventure and other likes, this sometime make me believe that evenContinue reading “Maximize this Lockdown: 5 ways to begin.”

42 Uses of organic Honey you have not known.

Organic Honey I believe you are familiar with organic honey, if not much, at least to some extent. Until recently, I could have honey at home without the adequate knowledge of its use, but, that was history. Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance made by honey bees and some related insects. Bees produce honeyContinue reading “42 Uses of organic Honey you have not known.”


It is saddening to note how much parents prepare for every other thing but little for an important issue. I have watched prospective couple plan ahead for their wedding, plan for the future but plan little about this matter. Some actually plan for this particular matter which God himself carefully planned for with so muchContinue reading “WHAT DOES PARENTING MEAN TO YOU?”


I have heard counselors, pastors, parents and other people warn the young and single brethren not to allow pressure push them into the wrong marriage. I have heard Anake mom scold her daughter for rushing into marriage with Akunna; a three months relationship with a new colleague, because Ijeoma her childhood friend who was fiveContinue reading “SUCCESS OF YOUR MARRIAGE BEGINS WITH YOU”

Are you a believer?

Know who a believer isSomething happened recently, and a confused sister asked in a shaky voice “I thought everyone in here is a believer? ” I smiled and answered “Not everyone”. Listen!We may have different conversation stories (Saul’s conversation story is not same with Yours), we may have different encounter and experience with Christ, weContinue reading “Are you a believer?”