Eating banana and honey.

Recently heard people say that honey and banana could be enjoyed together, at first it was awkward to me until I decide to try it out on Saturday. It did turn out to be a delicious dessert and so yummy. I have researched on the benefits of consuming such and it was really overwhelming. PleaseContinue reading “Eating banana and honey.”

Fight Belly Fat with Few Item from your Kitchen.

Belly among other things has the chance of opening you up to the risk of: Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes Colorectal cancer Sleep apnea Premature death from any cause High blood pressure Certain factors can aid the gain of belly fat, they include : Age Gene Much consumption of alcohol Age Genetics Eating tooContinue reading “Fight Belly Fat with Few Item from your Kitchen.”


Unprotected sexImage result for unprotected sexUnprotected sex has never been encouraged, especially when on your period as blood is a good medium for viruses and this causes higher transmission of STD’s.The cervix is slightly dilated during one’s period, which makes it easier to get infected.Also menstruating doesn’t prevent pregnancy from taking place, yes for womenContinue reading “10 HABITS TO AVOID WHEN MENSTRUATING.”

42 Uses of organic Honey you have not known.

Organic Honey I believe you are familiar with organic honey, if not much, at least to some extent. Until recently, I could have honey at home without the adequate knowledge of its use, but, that was history. Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance made by honey bees and some related insects. Bees produce honeyContinue reading “42 Uses of organic Honey you have not known.”