Lean not on your own understanding

undefinedBy Transit Woman.

I watched my cousin struggle with her sister, she wailed, she stretched and she threw her legs apart.

“Somma, what is wrong with you?” I asked.

” I want to walk, I don’t want her to carry me” she responded amidst sobs.

I laughed, and wondered if she knew the distance we were to take, if only she knew that her sister and me were wishing someone would carry us. I pleaded with her to stay still but her mind was made.
” Adaoma, allow her to walk.

Somma, was so happy, she ran ahead of us and enjoyed freedom but her freedom was short lived. It was barely twenty minutes before she went back to Adaoma, and pleaded to be carried.

Funny, but, we sometimes, act like Somma in our relationship with God.

“Don’t worry Lord, I can handle it. This matter is just a simple task of choosing the school to attend, choosing from the list of companies that have called me for interview, deciding which job to take, deciding which school and country to apply for scholarship, deciding which new business to begin. Some even come online to ask ” Please ooo, what business can I start with 100K?” ” Aaah! Lord, but I took it to be little an action to disturb you for. Lord, I didn’t know you wanted me to tell you about my projects, I didn’t know you wanted me to tell you before accepting the proposal, Aaah! I didn’t know you were also interested in family business, I didn’t know I should have discussed it with you before forcing my child to go for Medicine”
These and more are some of the reasons, excuses and ignorance we give and exhibit most times.

I don’t know how to explain this properly but when we lean SOLELY on our abilities, courage, financial backing, human backing and strength to accomplish projects and missions, we are indirectly saying “Lord, please, bring me down, I want to walk, I can go the distance”

My mom would say “God is interested in every little matter of your life. When you tell about them all, you are also telling him; Lord, I need your help, I can’t lean on my own understanding” When I began to think about the rationale behind this piece of advice, I appropriated it to marriage relationship, I don’t think I may have to take certain decisions without consulting with my husband. How much more, could I have done without informing God? Yet, I claim relationship with him.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

Every other security including eternal security is preeminent when we are able to enter and remain in God’s arm.


I was lonely at home, having stayed indoors for such a long time, I decided to visit a friend. We were so happy to see each other after a long time. We had lots of Chitchat trying to catch up on the past events. As typical of my dear friend, she began to narrate all she had passed through since this Covid-19 Lockdown.
“Really?” I asked in surprise.
She stirred the pot of ice fish stew on fire.
“yes my dear, friend. It has been that bad that we eat Okpa and Pap consistently, see nah! I now use ice fish for my stew. If anyone told me it would be this long and terrible, I would not believe” she said.
Just then, I wondered if my friend would believe that I left my room without breakfast, not because I was on diet or fasting but; I had no food in my room, would she believe that the Okpa contained in two medium tomatoe tin would serve as my dinner that night? If only she saw me devour the Okpa joyfully… Smiles. The plate of rice I had in her house was the best I had in several months. “Nne, just be thankful, you are better than many” how would I tell her that I was involved in the many …lol

Luke 17:12-17

As he entered a village there, ten lepers stood at a distance,
Luke 17:12

13 crying out, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!”
Luke 17:13

14 He looked at them and said, “Go show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed of their leprosy.
Luke 17:14

15 One of them, when he saw that he was healed, came back to Jesus, shouting, “Praise God!”
Luke 17:15

16 He fell to the ground at Jesus’ feet, thanking him for what he had done. This man was a Samaritan.
Luke 17:16

17 Jesus asked, “Didn’t I heal ten men? Where are the other nine?
Luke 17:17


Now, someone might still ask the same question Jesus asked. When we were younger, I heard my pastor preach from Luke 17:17 and I felt those other nine were so unappreciative and considered their act inappropriate. I still remember making promises to God that I wouldn’t be like them… 😂. Yea, I did and I was determined never to fall out of my promises. So many of us too, have considered those men, evil. Now, let me tell you that some of us are like those nine. Appreciation is not measured by the size of what was done but a supposed expression of response gratitude for every good thing done to you by another. Even the scripture instructs us to be grateful always.
Philippians 4:6-7
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”

In every situation involves both Good and bad situations, and in the face of difficulty. But, some of us, feel appreciation should only be done when what we wanted was done or when we received something mind blowing. Now, from the face level, let me explain the reason those nine never returned to appreciate Jesus. Just like everyday human, most of us pray so hard, disturb God so much like the widow in the Bible, take church activities very seriously and eventually promise God thousands of things we know we wouldn’t be able to do, just because we think God could be bribed by your promises. God in his infinite mercies, answers your prayers not because of your enormous promises but because he is merciful, enough. Boom! You just got that Admission, Contract, Child, Husband, Healing and so many others. Fiam! All the promises you made God disappeared, the next morning, you are on your knees with a new prayer point in your mouth. Now You See, the above may not be so far fetched from the reason they never returned. Appreciation is a lifestyle, appreciation is one the ways we can express our gratitude to God. Every little thing, we received, deserves to be appreciated. When we appreciate, we appreciate. Develop the lifestyle of being appreciative for just everything.

God bless you.




Menstruation come with its difficulties, and as much as some of us get a mini heart attack when we don’t see it, the truth is most women (if not all) do not really enjoy it. The cramps, the nauseousness and the stickiness of it all are just exhausting. Below, are 10 things to avoid during that time of the month. You are guaranteed a bearable, if not perfect, period if you adhere to most of them.

  1. Unprotected sex
    Image result for unprotected sex
    Unprotected sex has never been encouraged, especially when on your period as blood is a good medium for viruses and this causes higher transmission of STD’s.
    The cervix is slightly dilated during one’s period, which makes it easier to get infected.
    Also menstruating doesn’t prevent pregnancy from taking place, yes for women with more irregular periods, ovulation and bleeding can happen at the same time.

2. Leaving sanitary products in for too long
Image result for wearing stained sanitary pads
Good personal hygiene should be maintained during your menstrual period and regular changing of pad every three to four hours is an important step to prevent streptococcal toxic shock syndrome.” At a minimum, cups should be changed every 12 hours, and pads every three to four hours.

3. Regular breast examination
Regular breast examination is always good for women, however it isn’t advised to be done when seeing your period because the breasts are very sensitive to changes in hormonal production, “Fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone can make both breast exams and mammograms give wrong results, it can unnecessarily raise a red flag especially when done in the early stage of your period.

4. Salty foods
A few days before you see your period, your body begins storing sodium and fluids causing you to feel bloated, when this occurs, eating high salt food will only result in more water retention, also when you are seeing your period it’s best to avoid high amounts of salt because the sodium in salt causes you to feel bloated and puffy.

5. Caffeine and carbonated foods
It’s safe to know that drinking caffeinated beverages is linked to an elevated frequency of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), studies show that caffeine blocks GABA in the brain (the “downer” neurotransmitter) which results in anxiety and increased heart rate. Excessive amounts of caffeine intake constrict blood vessels which could lead to serious menstrual cramps, anxiety, and mood swings.

6. Cleansers with artificial fragrance
Using soaps sprays, or creams with perfumes can cause vaginal irritation and should be avoided during menstruation.
Perfumes contribute to an overgrowth of odour-producing bacteria, it’s best to use a more natural product when you are not seeing your period.
If you have a strong vaginal odour, it is best to see a gynaecologist in case there is an infection or imbalance that needs to be treated.

7. Dairy product
Foods like milk, cheese, and ice cream contain arachidonic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that stimulates prostaglandins (hormone-like substances) which can increase inflammation and can cause bloating and cramping.

8. Sugary products
Sugar intake causes blood sugar levels to rise and drop; too much sugar also makes you feel extra run-down and tired, processed sugary foods can shift levels of estrogen and decrease serotonin levels. Estrogen, the female sex hormone and serotonin which is a neurotransmitter hormone that causes mood swings when deficient.
Also eating too much sugar over time ages the skin, making it dull and more prone to wrinkles. This is due to a process called glycation.

9. Alcohol
Large amounts of alcohol can slow stomach emptying which contributes to feeling heavy and bloated. Alcohol can cause you to retain water, and this makes you feel more puffy and bloated. This is worsened by alcohol’s diuretic effect, as a dehydrated body will retain more water than a hydrated one.

10. Red Meat and Fatty foods
Red meat contains arachidonic acids and this worsens cramps. Also, High fatty foods have a strong influence on hormonal activity in the body and should be avoided.


I am a woman, so what ?

So I read an article today tagged “I am a bitter female” as I carefully read through, I saw reasons those females should be angry and bitter. The marginalization, the hate, the antagonism and other unspeakable ills meted out on another human just because she is a woman. As I read, I saw links to other bitter women and it struck me how much bitter most women are.
“I am a bitter feminist and submission is an illusion. Don’t dare me because I am not weak”

I wanted to applaud and jeer them on but then I paused to ask myself ” after this bitterness and war, could anyone or anything change? “
The man remains a man, you remain the woman and the world is still in place. My opinion on this is; find out what the master wants to achieve with you and forget what the world system thinks about you.

It is easy to regret being a female with all the ills meted out on women, it is easy to regret being born a woman when opportunities are clearly and obviously denied of one because she is not masculine. I once regretted being born female but not anymore, it is because, I am a woman with a womb, I don’t care much about the circumstances surrounding my existence as a woman. I only care about what should be birthed by me.
“The seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the serpent” so he tries to use the world system to confuse, distract, debase, devalue and destroy that woman. I have resolved not to lose myself in unnecessary war, hate and antagonism. I was once there and wish never to drift back there, not even by mistake.
If Kathryn Khulman paid attention to all these wars and battles, I can’t imagine what would have happened to all that were birthed through her.

No nah! You can’t give up on God and on yourself.
Brace yourself and seek answers.
You are not a “born by mistake”.

As a woman, you can’t find purpose until you find Jesus. When every other thing doesn’t work, walking side by side with Jesus works.

Mary Magdalene



These and many more were my humble witnesses.


Maximize this Lockdown: 5 ways to begin.

When you are not properly informed, you may become deformed. Covid-19 pandemic, took over the affairs of men and drove them inside the house. Before the prevalence of Covid-19, some persons were confused about the next line of business, action, source of income, political adventure and other likes, this sometime make me believe that even though Covid-19 is a disaster, I still believe it is a blessing in disguise. Now, my question is; will this Covid-19 Lockdown be a blessing in disguise to you or disaster? It is not about rushing back into the house, how about I get a journal and ask you to name few things you have been able to achieve during this Lockdown, do you have tangible response? If you have not done much for yourself, I hope you get tired of sleeping and waking up, I hope you get tired of looking for who will show you love(give you money) , I hope you get tired of exploitation, I hope you get tried of feeding off from others pocket, I hope you get tired of complaining and ditch those acts of laziness you exhibit. Opportunities that reveal the other side of your life you had no idea of, comes just once in a while. When this Lockdown gets over as it will soon be, what are you coming to face the world with? Oh! you think you would go back to your world the way you left it? Common dear! You have to wake up from your slumber and realize that things may not remain the same and if things changed from the usual, what do you have that may sustain you? If you have not done much or never thought of doing anything, please, wake up and start now.

42 Uses of organic Honey you have not known.

Organic Honey

I believe you are familiar with organic honey, if not much, at least to some extent. Until recently, I could have honey at home without the adequate knowledge of its use, but, that was history. Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance made by honey bees and some related insects. Bees produce honey from the sugary secretions of plants or from secretions of other insects, by regurgitation, enzymatic activity, and water evaporation. Now, below are very interesting uses of Organic Honey.

42 Benefits of and Uses Of Organic Honey.

-1. SLEEPLESSNESS; Drink honey every night.

-2. MENSURATION PROBLEM; Use 4 tablespoon of honey 4 times daily.

  1. RHEUMATISM; Grind Bitter leaves with Pure Honey use to rub it and take 2 tablespoon 3 times daily.
  2. WITLOW OR BOIL; Grind Bean, mutter, with Pure Honey use it to rub the place.
  3. ULCER; Use 3 spoons of honey early in the morning 1 hour before breakfast.
  4. EYES SCRATCHING; Mix white Onion with Honey and drop it into your eyes.
  5. STOMACH PAIN; The person that has stomach pain, mix ground bitter leaf with Pure honey use two table spoon after meal.
  6. HEALS WOUND; Grind Bitter leaf with Pure Honey rub it.
  7. CHILDREN TOOTHACHE; Mix lime juice, with honey , give him one spoon 3 times daily.
  8. CURES TUBERCULOSIS; Grind ginger atale, salt, Garlic and Bitter- Kola use them with Pure Honey use table spoon 3 times daily.
  9. BOOT SEMEN; Mix one egg wit 5 Tablespoons of Honey . use it immediately.
  10. REMEDY FOR ASTHMA; Mix snail water (Omi Igbin) with Honey .Usage . ADULT 3 Tablespoons 3 times .
    Children 1 Tablespoon 3 Times.
  11. EARACHE; Get warm Water with Small Salt and mix with Pure Honey . Usage. Put a drop inside it.
  12. MOUTH ACHE; Mix lime juice, Salt with Pure Honey use it to wash your month 3 times daily.
  13. MEASLES; Grind Bitter leave with Pure Honey use it to Rub the body and take 2 tablespoons full 3 times daily.
  14. STOMACH PAIN AFTER DELIVERY; Use 2 spoons Honey 3 times daily.
  15. BED-WETTING; 2 teaspoon of Pure Honey every night.
  16. COUGH; Mix Honey grinded bitter kola
    and garlic use one spoon 3 times daily
  17. Always use honey to drink pap (OGI ) or TEA.
  18. RED EYES ; Use pure Honey 2 times a day.
  19. RUNNING STOMACH; Ground Cucuribitaasess
    ( EWE EJIRIN) together with Honey and use 3 times daily.
  20. DIABETES; Water from Bitter leaf mix together with Pure Honey and use it 3 times daily.
  21. DISCOURAGES HYPERTENSION; Grind Garlic with Pure Honey and take 3 spoon Morning and Night.
  22. IMPROVES MEN’S SEXUAL HEALTH ( MANPOWER); Use Unripe plantain, boil one with Pure Honey.
  23. EFFECTIVE BLOOD TONIC; Ground Bitter-leaf and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.
  24. RECOMMENDED FOR RUNNING STOMACH; Mix salt together with Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.
  25. USEFUL FOR SMOOTH SKIN; Mix Pure Honey together with coconut oil and rub it on your body.
  26. GOOD FOR SHAVING; Mix Poplitionaces (ETU ) with Pure Honey and rub it after shaving.
  27. HEALING FOR SKIN DISEASE; Ground graminces (eru awonka) and Sulphur (IMU OJO) with Pure Honey and rub it on the affected parts of the body.
  28. WORM REMEDY; Mix salt and lime juice with Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.
  29. IRREGULAR-MENSTURATION; Grand GARLIC and mix it with lime juices and Pure Honey and use it 3 times daily.
  30. TYPHOID FEVER; Grand Garlic mix it with egg and Pure Honey and use 4 spoons 3 times daily.
  31. FIRE BURNS; Use Pure Honey to rub the affected part.
  32. CHILDREN RASHES; Ground Gramicees (ERU AWOKA) Poplitionazees (ETU) Sulphur (Immi OJO) with Pure Honey and rub it to affected part of the body.
  33. BLOOD; Mix Lime juice and Fresh egg and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.
  34. BODY HEAT ; Get liquid from Bitter leaf and mix it with Salt and Pure Honey and use 3 spoon 3 times daily.
  35. STOMACH-PAIN; Use Salt and Saint –leaf (EWE EFIRIN) together with Pure Honey and use it 3 spoon 3 times daily.
  36. GONORRHEA; Lemon juice mix with small mutters and Pure Honey and use 3spoon 3 times daily.
  37. DIABETES; Use Pure Honey to drink Pap or Tea.
  38. Starting from 40 years, use Pure Honey to drink Pap or Tea and it is for good health.
  39. To reduce fatness ; Use Corn silk as a tea with Pure Honey .
  40. FOR OLD AGE; Use Pure Honey to drink.
  41. HEADACHE; Lime juice with Pure Honey and take 3 times daily.

Your health is your wealth

Learnt from SURE TRUTH.



It is saddening to note how much parents prepare for every other thing but little for an important issue. I have watched prospective couple plan ahead for their wedding, plan for the future but plan little about this matter. Some actually plan for this particular matter which God himself carefully planned for with so much levity and little substantial backup, negligence to the man within and poor execution plans. Negligence of this matter has left the family, the church and even the world helpless. This matter which has received little consideration and insignificant execution plan is the actual FUTURE in disguise.

In the contemporary society, many have done so much to have this gift, many throw huge parties and call it “Baby Shower” just to show off their happiness in anticipation for their bundle of joy.

Let me ask “Are you sure what you just got is a bundle of joy to your family and the society in entirety?”
If Abubakar Shekau, Mohammed Yusuf, Jaber A. Elbaneh, Hitler’s moms were to be pregnant for them at this time, what made you think they wouldn’t throw a baby shower?

Many mighty have failed, some felt their succession plans were superb because they had their kids live and learn in the developed world but at the eleventh hour discovered their failure.

God said” let us make man in our own IMAGE, after our LIKENESS, and that they have dominion…” (Gen. 1:26). I understand that much more than what people know are involved in making a child become And remain the bundle of joy he is.
Taking bearing on Genesis 1:16 which shows where God did what he has given us permission to do (Procreation), the questions now are as a parent:

  1. Whose image reflects through you? No matter how much plan you have, you can’t raise what is different from what you are. Do you fear and honour God? Does God’s image reflect through you? If not, how would you say ” LETT US MAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE?”(1 Corinthians 11:7)
  2. What is your image and likeness? God who made us in his image never refer us to be what he is not. For everything he asked us to be, such righteousness and holiness, he asked us in reference to him(1 Peter 1:16). Would you proudly want to raise your kids in the image or likeness of you?
  3. How much investment do you make in the place of prayer? Adam gave names to every creature God brought to him. As prospective parents, what investment of the word have you made in the lives of the children God will soon bring to you. (Genesis 2:19)
  4. May God give us strength to break the backbone of poor parenting. How prepared are you?



I have heard counselors, pastors, parents and other people warn the young and single brethren not to allow pressure push them into the wrong marriage. I have heard Anake mom scold her daughter for rushing into marriage with Akunna; a three months relationship with a new colleague, because Ijeoma her childhood friend who was five years younger than her got married. Now, the same man who professed never to leave Anake, has left her with a six month old baby and nowhere to be found. As I listened to mama Anake reprimand her daughter; I felt she advised me too and I got the message. There is no need for the rush after all😔, especially when you are rushing without God’s guidance.

But, Then, I have something else to talk about.
I have watched some old and young single brethren boast in their deficiencies under the beautiful shade of “It is better to marry late, than marry wrongly”. Sister and brother, have you taken sometime to know the cause of the delay? I have come to understand that some delays are not prerequisite but necessary. Necessary in the sense that a sister believing God for a husband still boast about how sharp her tongue is and how she won’t tolerate any nonsense from any man🤨, she thinks the world system is now the way to marriage😫, she thinks submission is an illusion😱, she still has many contradictory opinions as regards God’s opinion on marriage…hmmm😷.

How about you Bro. You secretly admire certain things that oppose God’s will and choice in marriage union, you ain’t even faithful as a single Christian bro🙄; you talk to Ada like she is the one🙃, and you talk to Fumilayo like you are ready to see her family next week😇. What makes you think you would stick to only Ifunanya after marriage? (Amaka, please, don’t pinch me again, may be you haven’tseen some brothers who do godly womanizing; they feel), you don’t even know how to control your temper 🥶 “I am born again but my temper is still undergoing Salvation process,” you tell your offender. What makes you think you won’t beat your wife when she screws the little nut in your head (women are unique🤣). You keep singing “A godly dad and Priestly fatherhood” when apart from the kids you see, you don’t even know anything about them and you haven’t read a single book on that. You want to learn on the job I guess😁. Issorite!

What in essence is she blabbing🗣?

It is not about how long you waited, it is not about waiting and not working, it is not the consolation you give yourself each time you went for a wedding especially the one between young people, “It is not about rushing into it, it is about staying in it” you say.

This now bring me to the point I want to make(this talkativeness of mine is one thing I have to deal with 🤬)

“if you don’t work on yourself while you wait, if you don’t imbibe the characters that keep people in it, if you don’t go after the right knowledge, if you don’t ask questions but sit there all day doing pedicure waiting for Mr. Or Mrs. Right, singing “They that wait upon the Lord… “

Mr. Or Mrs. Right may come but you could eventually ruin what was supposed to be right because you were not right. Eventually, you married at 40 and ended up in the wrong marriage you ran all from all your single days .

Summarily, it is good to avoid pressure but it is better to work on your weakness and it is best you be the right waiting for the right: it is the only way to escape the wrong.


Speaking my observation
May the Lord help us

Are you a believer?

Know who a believer is
Something happened recently, and a confused sister asked in a shaky voice “I thought everyone in here is a believer? ” I smiled and answered “Not everyone”.

We may have different conversation stories (Saul’s conversation story is not same with Yours), we may have different encounter and experience with Christ, we may differ in our understanding of the Word (bible) which may be as a result of the difference in our ability to hear the Spirit of God explain the Word, we may respond to the prompt of the Holy spirit differently and speak different tongues, Etc But, we can’t speak varying languages as believers of Christ.

Some think unbelievers are those who do not go to the same church with them, who do not share their church doctrines, who do not read, understand and interpret the Bible like Apostle Selman. No, Darling, a real unbeliever is one who speaks a different language than is obtained in Christ (John 3:16). Many people have fallen prey in the hands of unbelieving believers who hide in church and display big bible volumes. This shows that an unbeliever can be that unbelieving Prayer Secretary, Pastor, Deacon,Deaconess, Youth President etc if they do not speak the language FAITH. (Roman 10:9, John 11:25-27).
Without faith, one can’t believe the unfinished work of Christ or, be able to confess Christ as Lord. I just pray for understanding. A believer becomes one only when he be able to receive grace to believe and confess his belief in Christ Jesus… Don’t be deceived by the tongues and interpretation of the word, some unbelievers do these as well. If you are in church and you still don’t have faith in Christ Jesus, you are just one of those who have signed up to become Christians without evidence and Christianity is nothing but a religion.
…for whoever believes (has faith) in him, has eternal life.


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